How to get the best from your cleaner

Set Expectations

From the outset set your expectations and priorities so that there is a mutual understanding of what is important to you.   As we offer a bespoke and flexible housekeeping service, within their regular allocated time and day our customers are able to change their requirements on a weekly basis.  We find that this works really well as you are not restricted to a rigid cleaning schedule.

Arrange enough time

Ensure you have arranged enough time to get the results you are expecting. This is another advantage of our flexible service.  Within your regular allocated time you may decide that you just want a quick clean and ironing one week and then a more thorough clean the next. Its entirely up to you. 

Should I clean before the cleaner comes?

If you have a regular weekly house clean this will not be necessary (apart from the usual clearing up etc).  A quick clean in-between if scheduled for fortnightly visits (or more thorough clean if longer) between visits is recommended. 

Our cleaners will do a quick tidy and use their initiative, but the night before a scheduled clean a quick tidy up is a time efficient way for us to get your house sparkling.